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Hannoi 36th shopping street


New Member
My vacation in Hanoi Vietnam. GR2 with MF.
Hope you like it.


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Hi Kitty,
I like this shot. Its got that nostalgic feel to it. Nice composition with the bike in the foreground showing the normal means of transport. Real nice street shot. If you dont mind, what was your camera setting like? I have just got the GRD II and still learning. Regards.
Thanks kazarau. I am glad you like it.
This is a quick snap. I use .JPG, Auto High 400, MF, Auto everything.
I think Auto exposure on GRD2 is quite OK.
Only when I set B&W I like to -1stop exposure compensate.

I think the key of this snap shot is using MF.
Even though you pre-focus with Multi MF, it takes a fraction of a second to release the shutter.
GRD2 has plenty depth of field. So guessing the distance is not big issue.

Hope you enjoy your new camera and see your photos soon.
Great shot Kitty! GRD is only a part of the success. You are a photographer pressing the shutter at appropriate moment ;) Well done!