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HA-2 + Filter = Possible Dust ???

luis patricio

New Member
I have ordered the HA2 extension tube and the wide lens...waiting and thinking on the cam setup, waiting and question is:

Will the extension tube with a filter (or the wide lens) prevent dust contamination or will this setup bring a quicker dust problem due to an anormal air flow???

Please look at the sketch of the camera with extension tube and filter, emphasizing the air flow.

1) Retracted Lens: The air volume inside the extension tube is stable.

2) When the lens open: The movement will increase the air pressure inside the extension tube and the air/dust will flow through the lens apertures!

3) Perforateed HA-2 / When the lens open: The holes in the extension tube will compensate air pressure and the air flow will be directed to the exterior of the camera. I tink that this is possible and easy solution!


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    114.3 KB · Views: 741 for thought as we say in the U.K.......i have a cat and therfore have a lot of cat fur in my house....many pet owners have the same problem! no amount of cleaning will get all the fluff up!...if you make holes in the side of your HA-2 will it allow stray light to enter the adaptor? i dont see this as a problem,what is your opinon?.....even if you only drill 1-2 holes you could still get dust onto the front element of the lens....or even worse into the lens mechanism itself...i think you have a good point though.
as electro-machanical engineer, I have to say that you are thinking much to far. The airflow will do nothing, as the in and out movemen from the lens itselves is not that fast that it can do this as you show on your design. Note, that dust will come in anyhow, as I had o send it back already once for dust that came into the lens, but it has nothing to see with air flows, but all with bad mechanism that Ricoh made. Take the wobbling lens, is really affecting picture quality, do the test and put your camera on a ripod, put it in normal position and than make a picture, do the same and now yopu put camera in inverted position and you will see. When using the lens adapter and wide angle, you will see that you will have vignetting this way in different corners of your picture. I send with this an example:


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