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[Sell] GX100 with accessories (No EVF though) $350

For sale


New Member
I have a GRD2 and realized that I don't really need my GX100 anymore. The GX100 is in mint condition with no dust problems. There's still a few months left to the warranty as well. I bought it from Popflash around September. I'm selling this camera for $350 with free shipping within the United States via USPS Priority Mail. Included is the original packaging and all original documentation. (1) Sandisk Ultra III 1 Gig card and (1) Lowespro Rezo 30 bag. You also receive my original receipt from PopFlash (with my CC number blacked out of course, not sure if it's on there though, if it is, I will certainly be blacking that out ; ) ).

Feel free to PM me or e-mail me at:

Good luck, first come first served of course, after all, I only have one GX100 :)