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[Sell] GX100 VF1 Kit plus HA-2 hood and adaptor UK only

For sale


New Member
Hi I have just put my gx100 up for sale on ebay, it is barely used, it is the vf1 kit and has the ha-2 hood and adaptor also a 43mm lens cap to fit the filter as well as all the original accessories. also i am including a spare battery and a 43mm ultra violet filter made by jessops. all great condition with original boxes manual etc. starting price £230 uk Buy it now £242.50

UK only I am afraid as it is easier for me to deal with and I can send it special delivery insured via royal mail. I am situated in Torquay devon so people within driving distance on holiday or business in the area are welcome to collect.

I am selling it to buy a leica dlux 3 ! I know the gx100 may have some superior features but I have always wanted the leica, go figure nothing against the ricoh gx100 and I would probably admit it is a better spec, i just fancy using a dlux 3 for a while, i also use a oly e-330 dslr and a couple of other olympus so cannot really justify buying another cam without selling a couple so the 8080 and the gx are being sold. anyway thanks for reading this heres the ebay link ... :IT&ih=003

best wishes .....paul