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GX100, the Underwater version !


New Member
Hi !
I planed to buy a Ricoh GX100 but as I'm a diver, I wish I could buy also an underwater housing.
So I finaly found the Sea&Sea DX1G model
It's a GX100 renamed 1G with an underwater housing
The difference are the "sea&sea" scene (replace the "sport" scene ) and the firmware version 5.16

I'll post some underwater picture as soon as the mediteranean sea will become a little warmer ;)

I called one of the Sea&Sea distributors today and they thought they would be selling the housing alone sometime after Christmas. I assume the GX100 would fit right in.
Hi Chris !

Nice shots, I really love the sea lion diving
Any post processing ?


I also buy the Wide angle converter
But no dive before spring :(

The photos were taken in DNG, and there are some slight adjustments made in Adobe Camera RAW (v4):

1) Increased tint a bit to offset the loss of red underwater (but kept the same color temp)
2) Some increased clarity - which is sort of like a combination of sharpen and contrast

Nothing drastic, out of camera the shots look pretty close to the final version.
Dear All

I'm a thai scubadiver and just tested "DX1G underwater camera" (Sea&Sea use GX100 with their housing and change the name to DX1G)
Please visit for my underwater short in the last trip of south andaman. (sorry all in Thai language)
IMO.. the camera itself is very expensive but after I saw the result "it's worth to pay - no way to get the better shot - from this price range"

Welcome to thailand and glad to share the idea with you.
Hi 10LOR !

Welcome on board, I saw you blog : amazing pictures ! ;)

Did you shot them all with the DX1G ?
Did you use the wide angle converter
What kind of strobe did you use ?

What do you think of this gear underwater, easy to use ? pros and cons....
I didn't use it (except in a swimming pool :roll: ) because water is very cold in France right now !

Thanks a lot !
Dear broogino

- Yes!!!! I used DX1G for Manta and Nudi photos for the last 2 blogs and will add more soon.
- Wide Angle is a must for under water photo and for Manta , I'm the only one in my group can get the full wing of manta
with clear image (Even at that time is full of planktons and scatters!!!!)
- I use "Inon D2000w" strobe for macro shot only. I think it's a reliable one for the instance short.
go for detail at

My comment for DX1G
- Fully adjustable by yourself, all buttons was placed where it should be.
- Excellent Macro , no need closed-up lens.
- Excellent Wide , no vignette and distortion.
- Very shot sutter lag after it focus.
- Like your wife , you have to live and learn how to control her. ;-)
- Need post-process about the noise but onec you convert it to black and white photo "A-lo-ha!!! it's born to be"
- Housing is well design but how sad the housing color - It's black and you cannot see the LCD very well in the dim condition.
- Internal flash is useless for underwater macro due to obstruction by lens port

But I still like it because it very excellent on land photo also.


these are all really great. I particularly like the last two, the chain shot is great but the image showing diver at an angle adds drama and make me feel like I am there. Colours are nice and punchy!

Thank you for posting :)
Thanks Tim !

The post processing is very light, level adjustment and a little sharpenning when I reduce the size of the pictures
I think it's the best compact underwater camera at this time...

Some more ?



Great underwater photos! I'm a big fan of underwater documentary films and your photos are very professionally done. Who would say they were taken with compact camera? ;)
Great underwater photos! I'm a big fan of underwater documentary films and your photos are very professionally done. Who would say they were taken with compact camera?

Thanks odklizec,
I'm very happy with my little toy and it's very easy to use underwater...

Ooops ! I post the same picture twice, I edit and fix that ! ;)