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GX100 in extreme environments


New Member
Hi everybody,

I am considering buying the GX100 for a trip to the Arctic this winter. The temperatures will average -30 Celsius degrees.

According to Ricoh's support, the camera is tested between 0 - 40 Celsius degrees, so obviously they were reluctant to comment further on my query.

Have any of you ever tried it in such environments, or do you have any recommendations for an enclosure or similar to keep the camera in while still being able to take picture? Alternatively, can you recommend another camera, Ricoh or another brand?

Thanks a lot for any information!

I used mine in -20C/-4F for an hour a few weeks ago. It seemed to hold up fine. Battery life was about 20% shorter, but everything still worked well. It is a good idea to keep it in a pocket close to your body and warm, so the battery life doesn't suffer as much.
hey cninsd,

thanks for that reassurance! I am going to Svalbard (quite close to the North Pole..) and expect it to be a bit colder than that (hoping so, in any case... :mrgreen: ).