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GX100 arrived


New Member
[this was a USA purchase]
Ordered my Ricoh GX100 with VF kit from the PopFlash internet store.
Very helpful salesman {Alex}, all the items that I wanted were in stock. :)
I did not buy the expedited shipping, but my Thursday afternoon order from PopFlash in California was at my New York doorstep on Saturday morning! :D
While the DB-60 was charging I threw in some AAA batteries and went through the camera setup.
There were some icicles hanging on my birdfeeder so I took three pictures and the AAA batteries were pooped out. :shock:
I presume those were alkaline cells, these won't last long in a camera since as soon as the voltage starts to drop they will stop working (but should still work in other equipment). However 3 shots sounds very poor! I think about 30 shots is more usual. The main power drain however is the LCD I think, so if you had the camera on for a while then this may explain it: even the DB60 will only give about 3 hours of continual power, I suspect alkalines may give as little as 15 minutes power-on time.

It is best to use rechargeable AAA cells, e.g. NiMH. I always have some charged AAA NiMH cells around for my mp3 player, so these also serve as backup power for my GX100. I calculate the NiMH should give over an hour's usage, and one person reported getting 100 shots with a pair IIRC.