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GX100 and time-lapse (interval) mode


New Member
Hi everybody,

probably most of you here read also the Ricoh Talk Forum at DPReview, but "just in case":

About 10 days ago I added several GX100 time-lapse movies of clouds, taken in February at Tenerife, to my "gallery" at ... you will find these in the Ricoh GX100 (2008) gallery there. I'm really happy with GX100 for these purposes, it is much more convenient than Kodak P880 was, which I have used for "timelapsing" before.

At ... setup.html you will find my preferred settings for GX100 when "timelapsing" (shooting in interval mode) the clouds, and several related notes on this. Though the page addresses namely GX100, most of it can be applied also to any other G-series camera, and part of it even to the R-series.

Comments welcome!

Regards, Martin

I was most interested, and indeed impressed to see your time lapse videos of Tenerife.

I especially enjoyed them as it was a familiar place, as I was there on holiday only a couple of months ago.

I will have to get a HA-2 before I try it for myself. I already had to return one GX100 which got dust in the lens after two weeks of ownership, so I would not risk leaving it open to the elements for half an hour or more on a windy day.

Well done, I will watch your website for more...