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GV-1 Viewfinder on a GX100


New Member

Just got my GV-1 OVF from eBay! Dont have much time to test it though... :(

In case you are interested first impressions is that Paralax is very accurate for GX100 28mm (the reason I bought it for...) - Incredibly accurate i should say!

Even though I love the EVF (since I learned to put my hand behind it...) I just needed a little more resolution (aw... we are never happy are we?). Of course you cant use the flash, but I hardly use it anyway...

I didnt find much information about this on any forums, so I decided to post this. Really looks like a very good "upgade" for the GX100 for those of you that, like me, have a very hard time framing with the LCD.
Finally got a chance to test it!

Well, It does take time to get used to it. I had never used an OVF before. It does feel confortable.
Framing does have paralax error... you need to be careful withy close subjects. I find it to be accurate on the sides. Vertically the OVF frame crops the image a little bit up and a little bit more down.
I tested 3:2 and... it becomes as accurate as can be !!!!!????? Does anyone have experience on this?

Overall I am very happy with it for 28mm.