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GV-1 versus VC-28mm finder


New Member
I got the Voigtlander-Cosina finder for my GRD, it is very bright and clear.
However, the eye relief is VERY close, my lashes sometimes leave marks (mascara, it cleans off easily) on the eye piece glass.
Is the GV-1 better in this regard?
I am considering getting one if it is.
Also, being able to see outside the frame more is helpful in anticipating shots in street work....
Hello Lili!

Well I didnt have time to test the GV-1 yet. However I can tell you this: I wear eye glasses and I can just see the 28mm frame fully. With the glasses on I can hardly frame for 21mm. If I take them off I can frame for 21mm but my lashes do touch the OVF. Quality is quite good IMHO.


Your description is of great help.
Since I do not have nor do I plan to get the 21mm adapter, it sounds like the GV-1 works a bit better.
Do you find the framing accurate at 28mm?
Mind that I am using a GX100. Framing is amazingly accurate on the sides and top, the bottom is a little cropped by the OVF 28 mm frame, But I find it quite good. Quality is very good IMHO.

Thanks for the assesssment!
The VC-28 seems equally accurate.
However having it crammed up against my eye is not fun :(
I will try hunting up a GV-1 then :)