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Gt-1 40mm lens a question


New Member
Hi all,ive just ordered the 40mm lens should be here Monday :D..Can you tell me the equivalent lens on a film camera? Also as you know Ricoh far better then i, what are the chances this len will fit the GRD3 :evil: ..I'm holding on to my Grd1 till the third model comes (if)..cheers andy

oh ps pleaseeeeeeeee anyone got a shot of their grd with the lens conected?
The GT1 film equivalent is 40mm ;) It simply expands the GRD 28mm to 40mm (film equivalent).

The probability that it will work with next GRD is rather high. Of course, only if they don't change the lens design and sensor size. So what to wish?
A) larger sensor with most probably different and incompatible lens design
B) preserved compatibility with old accessories

I personally vote for "A" option :)

Here is the side by side comparison of GRDII + GT1 and GX100 at 35mm:


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Thks Odklizec your the tops !! I thought it was a dumb question :oops: ,because the guy in the shop was showing me the r8 step zoom, and said the steps were in film equivalent..

I was toying with selling my Grd and buying the R8, or keep the Gr1 and buy the GT1 lens,i went with the lens..Odklizec you've played with both grd or the r8 you can only have one,what one would you buy?

Tks for the shots wowee it becomes a bit of a beast :evil: I have a neck strap and carry my grd like that, is the lens stable connected??

As a side note i was considering the dp1, i'm sure its a great camera, but being shallow i just dislike the look of it :oops:
Ps i reallyyyyyyyyy considered the GX100, but i heard it was really loud..I find the grd1 silent and great for candid shots..andy