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GRDII Workflows / BW and Color / RAW and JPG

Shane Phillips

New Member
I posted this on another site, yet no answer, hopefully here we can get something started. To help us get the photos we desire. ;)

Like many of you, I too share the what I call the "Ricoh madness" the bug, the obsession, justifying to my wife that I need yet another camera, the dreaming in know.

With that said, I find myself pouring over posts related to the subtleties of the GRDII and the GX100, etc... I proudly own both. Reading, mind you not so much blog reading, that I don't find time to go out and actually shoot, but enough. Okay enough reading time to start enjoying.

The new GRDII has become my go to, with its RAW write times, or lack there of, lovely freedom, I shoot constantly. GX100 lives in its case for now. For me the tool has to be fast, regardless of the comparisons to the GX100.

The impetuous for my first post here is this, I am wondering what workflow settings users have found to work with so far. Sure its all subjective for style and tone, just wanting to share basic values for sharpening, etc...any trends anyone has noticed with the new sensor with the GR lens that they often develope in RAW? Am sure there are many opinions on the old GRD and setting that evolved with time.

So I would like to poll 2 lines of thought for the GRDII, should anyone care to share their workflows/settings/ dare I say secrets!

1. JPEGS, if they are even usable on the GRD2? We all know RAW processing takes time, we have jpegs that come like it or not, on a lazy day, what settings for NO POST PROCESSING, are you using, for color and black and white? The classic GRD look would be a nice setting for Ricoh to incorporate in a firmware update.
So, Jpegs straight from the camera, which settings for no post processing?

2. RAW, I am a fan of Lightzone, so far, have used the others as well Aperture, Raw Developer, LR, CS etc...What go to sharpness values, in any application, workflow tips or tricks are you using for processing color?

What levels, alien skin, high key, etc and for BW, Tri-X? See any patterns emerging for GRDII so far? Has someone developed a home brew manual yet?

Look forward to reading any and all comments that come of this. I will share my findings after I get some time to play this weekend. The way I look at it is, we are GRD lovers beyond all the testing and comparisons we are still going to use the cameras anyway. Of course we dream of the day for improved and generous firmware updates from Ricoh.;)