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GRDI or GX100 same price which to buy


New Member
I can buy either of these at the same price brand new currently. But I can't decide on either, the GX100 has much faster write speeds for RAW and it seems almost as good image quality from the lens. I don't mind been limited to fixed focal length but if the image quality between these are virtually the same it would seem more sensible to have the option of other focal lengths.
Is the Gx100 as easy to carry as the GRD I ? At the moment the build quality and size seem to be the only advantages to the GRD I, am I missing anything that would make the GRD I a better purchase over the GX100?
Regards Tats
Hi Tatsuki and welcome here! From my personal experience both with GRD and GX100, I would suggest you to get the GX100. Its RAW writing speed is much faster and if you want to get the absolutely best image quality from (any) small sensor camera, RAW is the solution. I found the GX100 pocketable (in large pockets) even with attached EVF and the EVF alone is very useful too. It's great to see a real histogram in VF and also the other camera information. GRD build quality is much nicer, but GX100 is not bad at all. And the GX100 feature set is somewhere between the GRD and GRDII.
Hi thanks for the welcome Odklizec.
I am leaning towards the GX100 now, I didn't mention I also have a DSLR, so this purchase will purely be a niche camera for specific shooting, ie street photography candids etc, even the write speed of the Gx100 seems stupidly long after a DSRL. Well will make up my mind at some point, if money was no object the GRD2 would be on the list :D as well as a D3 and some of those nice new lens.
Regards Tatsuki
Well I got the GRDI in the end :lol: , decided I wanted the build and size of it over the GX100, so far it hasn't disappointed , was impressed by the sharpness of the lens and I found the Raw write speed to be fine for the snaps I took walking around. Here's one from the quick walk I took out in the freezing cold wind today, will hopefully get some better ones soon.

Hehe..good choice and nice picture! GRD is still great camera and in JPEG it's probably better choice than GRD2 (at least with current FW with overprocessed noise). Enjoy the shooting and stay away from all camera shops and both GX100 and least for few next weeks! ;) After using all three top Ricoh cameras, I really cannot say, which is the best one?