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GRD2 RAW work flow?


New Member
Can anyone advise on the work flow procedure using the GRD2 on RAW? I use Photoshop CS2 .
I like the look of the jpegs i get but its generally agreed that using raw will improve the overall shot. When i,ve tried the conversion using Photoshop, the image still isnt as clear or sharp as the jpeg. am i doing something wrong or is the "in camera" conversion cleverer than me! I didnt want to spend out on any new software, so can Photoshop alone do the job?
Thanks in advance
The in-camera conversion will be applying sharpening to the jpeg. You'll need to do some to the raw file as well.
Hi Leon,

I use Adobe Lightroom for RAW/DNG-conversion, I guss the RAW-converter in LR is the same as in CS2.

I don't have any problems converting images with LR and I like the results.

So in theory you should be able to obtain good results also with CS2.

Good luck, happy shooting.