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GRD2 on camera noise reduction


New Member
Hi all, are there any comparison shots of using the noise reduction setting and not using it? I believe this setting softens the image but to what extent? I,ve had my GRD2 for a week now and i find the noise reduction seems to work fine in sky shots, where i could see visible noise at iso100 .A bit of noise dosnt bother me too much. Do you think i should be using third party NR software or is the NR setting on Photoshop CS2 a good alternative?
The one thing i am having to re-learn, is shooting with a fixed 28mm lense. I also use a olympus E-1 with a 14-54 zoom where i use all the lens focal lengths.

Re: GRD on camera noise reduction

Just to add, its great restarting out with a 28mm lense as your every day camera, i,m having to re-think every shot.
Re: GRD on camera noise reduction

Hi Leon and welcome here! I don't know how, but I completely missed your post? ;)

There are several discussion about GRDII NR including image samples. Check for example these:

First one is probably the most relevant one. As you can see, there is done some noise reduction in JPEG even with NR OFF. If you want the best possible output from GRDII, you have to use RAW. I'm processing all my files in Silkypix, which has very good noise handling up to ISO400-800. For higher ISO I would recommend to use a third party de-noiser, for example NoiseNinja.
Re: GRD on camera noise reduction

Thanks for your reply odklizec, your links supplied are very imformative. I will keep watching this forum with interest.