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GRD with 40 mm lens



Sorry for my english.

I’m thinking about GRD since few weeks.

I really like pictures from GRD and I thought that at least I have found replacement for my old Oly [:mju II]. Small, discrete, pocketable camera with prime lens, with ability to teak great quality pictures.

I found a lot of pictures from GRD on flickr. I’m delight with great shooter pictures. But when I’m looking on my pictures taken with my old Canon 28-105 I almost never take pictures with 28 mm.

If you look at flickr for GRD photos (Camera Finder / All / Ricoh / GR Digital / Recent photos - owners load more than 1.000 picts per day) pictures looks great. But when I start thinking about them, the best of them (in my perception - most naturally looking: people, landscape, architecture) was taken from short distance (1-2 meters).
Let’s look at those pictures which have been taken by ordinary, not professional users. You can find pictures of eating, from interiors, from pubs, many portraits, self-portraits taken from hand, street shots. All this pictures looks great but most of them has been taken from short or very short distance.

In my opinion the better (best?) choice for me (and many users) could be GRD with 40 mm lens. Small, lightweight, pocketable camera with great lens. If I want I could make it wide angle with GW-1 adapter. I could of course make from them almost tele- camera with GT-1 if I need.

In my opinion much of potential owners do not buy GRD because 28 mm is too wide for them, and they don’t want to mount GT-1 almost all the time.

I wonder if users which now buy 28 mm GRD would buy GRD with 40 mm if they know, that very often must mount wide converter for reach 28 mm? Probably not.

I don’t know if anybody make research based on pictures published on flickr (let’s say from GX100) which focal length users use most often? This kind of research would be very interesting.

Dear people from Ricoh, why don’t you make my perfect GRD with 40 mm lens (or short 2 stepped zoom 28 and 40 mm)?

Or maybe GRD isn’t camera for me?
I for one would not buy a 40mm GRD as it is too restricting for me and it is easier to crop if I think 28mm is too wide. I find the current solution best as the adapter is of very high quality and aside from bulk it poses no problems.
Think for you better suited would be the GX100 as it's more versatile and if you never shoot at 28mm even a G9 would do the job.
Thanks VladimirV.

I have written that the tele adapter is very high quality. But is it possible and practical to mount and use it all the time? Would you buy GR if you must use wide converter to reach 28 mm?

Cropping pictures isn’t sollution. My perception of 28 mm pictures is, that the objects on background (more than 10-20 m) are unnaturally distant. On the other hand, it is interesting that when I look at some pictures on flickr I haven’t that feeling.

That would be interesting to make comparison some real world pictures taken with 28 and 40 mm lens without crop. Something like (pictures 2, 3, 4, 10, 11) taken with 28 and 40 mm.

You’re right, maybe GR isn’t camera for me.
Maybe GX100 or G9 would be better.
But I can’t decide for any digital camera for few years. And when I saw GR (and pictures) for the first time, my first impression was: that’s it.

And I can’t convince myself that, it isn’t :lol:
While it is not practical to have it mounted all the time I do not use it often enough to mind attaching the adapter when needed. For me I would not buy a GRD with 40mm and an adapter for 28mm as I use 28mm all the time and sometimes wish the GRD had 21mm instead. I would say I use 28mm 70% of the time, 21mm 25% and 40mm 5% of the time and even with a zoom this would not be much different or more towards the 21mm.

For me 28mm means getting closer to things so maybe this is why I can just crop an image as with 40mm I just stand a bit further back. I will try to take and post some comparisson images with all 2 focal lengths.

Hehe, I know what you mean. When I first heard about the GRD I was impressed till I saw the price, then when I held it I knew this was the camera for me. It has a certain quality about it and this is why it has such a following.

I believe the only camera that comes close in feel and image quality is the GX100 although for me it is not quite as "refined" as the GRD and the reason I do not own one although I am really impressed with the old GX.

Maybe you should give the GX100 a go as it comes indeed very close to the GRD and you can always see if 28mm works for you and get a GRD later. The GX100 is pretty cheap to get now and could be the right step towards the GRD. Or go out and limit yourself to only take pictures at 28mm with your camera and see how this works for you over the course of 1 month, if it works get the GRD ;).
My adventure with photography I have started 20 years ago with Zenit TTL ( That was great camera for me. It has 44 mm bright lens. I have learned understand this lens, basic camera settings and it was really perfect for my demands.
Therefore now I don’t think that cameras without 16 thematic programs, which don’t recognizes 5 faces and 6 smiles are dedicated only for pro users ;)

Later I have bought Canon EOS 300 with 28-105 lens, and I don’t know why I can’t find that same atmosphere of pictures as from Zenit. In the meantime I used Olympus mju II. It was great small camera with very good 35 mm lens.

Now it’s time to get into digital photography. I was thinking about dSLR camera but SLRs are big and I can’t get them everywhere with me. I have tested many “idiotten cameras”, sorry - point and shot cameras but that was completely defeat.

And then I have found GRD. I saw many pictures on flickr from both GR and GR II. I have written many comparisons GR vs. GR II, GR vs. GX100, RICOHs vs. G9. And I don’t know why I feel that GR would be the best.
But I almost never used 28 mm on my EOS 300. Maybe I don’t understand this focal length. Maybe there is necessary to fink different in 28 mm FL? I don’t know.

In my opinion on 28 mm pictures most important is foreground (1-2 meters from camera). And background which is 20-30 m away from camera is unnaturally distant (unless that is object in Eiffel Tower size ;) ).

So, Mr Ricoh, please start making GR with 40 mm lens :D

The problem with Ricoh cameras is, that they aren’t most popular in the world. So I can’t go for shop on corner and I can’t touch and feel them in hand. I can’t shoot few test photos. But I have flickr and ricohforum.
So, happy and glad GR owners please help me understand 28 mm lens. Please expain me how you get your pictures, how you plan making your pictures that you can live with so wide 28 mm lens.

Once again I’m sorry for my English.
I personally use GRDII + GT1 almost exclusively for last two months and except the occassional flare, it's a very well build tele converter solution. No visible distortion, no pronounced chromatic aberration or corner softness. Yes, it makes the GRD significantly larger and much less pocketable. But I still can carry it in my winter coat pocket. And if the pocketability is a problem, you can always carry the GT1 + adapter unmounted in your other pocket and attach it only before shooting? But I have it attached all the time and have no problem with it. It's still much smaller than any DSLR ;)
odklizec":1hjy09mz said:
I personally use GRDII + GT1 almost exclusively for last two months ...

So that's not only my opinion, that GRD with 40 mm lens could make people happy ;) .

I have seen many of your 40 mm pictures (from Beautiful Sunday, from One Picture a Day gallery), I see Lili comparision of 28 and 40 mm shoot:
and I think yes, that's it!

Even in small club (see Lili photo) you can go 3 steps back ;)

And of course landscapes from your Sunday walk when taken with 28 mm lens will look completelly different.

Yes, 40 mm it's definitely it.
People will love it.