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GRD - still available?


New Member
Is the GRD still available somewhere in Europe, at a good price? I've had a GRD for more than a year and love it; a backup would be very nice to have (I don't really have the need for a GRD2). was mentioned in another thread, but it seems like they have no information in English at all. Anywhere else?
You can check out as they have it for a good price but the pages are in German only, as is
Also have a look at or Both have them still available.
Thanks for the suggestions., and all sell it for £250, but they ship to the UK only. Too bad. :/ I'll try contacting and see if they can ship to Sweden. Has anyone heard of them before, by the way? A quick google search brings up no useful references, only the information that they are a Swiss Ricoh importer.