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GRD now is a bargain


New Member
Hi all! I'm almost new to this forum.
I've been a reader of dpreview's ricoh forum for two years, but recently I lost my pwd and i'm not able to receive a new one, so I'll start to post here from time to time...

Well I was waiting for the grd2 to be reviewed, before to buy it, but in these days prices are going down so I couldn't resist and yesterday I ordered a grd for 230 euros. So for now...bye bye grd2, bye bye dp1... :)
Hi Z1gno and welcome here! Loss for DPReview, gain for RicohForum ;) Yes, the prices of used (and even new "old stock") GRDs falling down in these days. It's a definitely good idea to get one now. GRD with some of GRDII features will always be a perfect camera, even with GRD2 hitting the streets. And many users will still prefer the noisier GRD look. Good luck with your purchase!
I too am new to this forum and to the Ricoh GRD. I have just picked up a new model for around AUD$400 - a bargain. Many years ago I was eyeing the GR analogue but in the end I purchased into the Contax G2 system - phenomenal camera & glass. I just could not resist when the GRD pricing started to come down when the new model was announced. Looking forward to taking many pictures with it! :D
yah!! me too! I would like to get the GRD for 230euro or 400 aud. can they ship to usa??
I would also like to know, 230 Euros is a good price. Im going to be in Europe (outside the EU) next week and am thinking about grabbing a backup GRD.... Or maybe selling mine and getting 2 GRDIIs.... I cant decide!
well, i bought it at newprice(dot)it ( an italian internet shop), now it is at 239 and gr2 at 479...I don't know if they ship abroad. try a search with kelkoo ...bye