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GRD II plus GX100


New Member
I am interested in hearing reasons to own both the GX100 and GRD II. I have a GX100 now and although I really like the idea of the GRD II, I'm not sure if theres enough of a difference to make the new camera suitable for shots the GX100 couldn't take.
I was just about to ask the same question when I saw your post. I know there are some people with both and I wanted to ask why, how they use them etc. It strikes me that the GRDI/II may be a slightly better bet for snap mode candid street photography but I'm not really sure. I tend to use 28mm setting for snap mode finding 24mm almost too wide and needing to get that much closer to the subject. Any thoughts anyone?

Regards, Roman

P.S. A good reason that would convince the wife would also be useful :)
I am also considering the same, and would be interested in hearing people's responses. I posted this same question on dpreviews a week or so ago, but didn't get too many responses. The gist of the ones I did get was (in Ricoh's own words) "the GX100 is a swiss army knife, while the GRD is a razor". Kind of makes sense, right? But I'd still like to hear how people use both.
Suppose you wanted both the Swiss Army Knife as well as the Sharp razor for certain personal reason
such as:

1) one for RAW the other for JPEG
2) one for 1:1 while the other for 3:2
3) one for the wife the other for yourself
4) one for Sepia the other for Black & White
5) one for Colour the other for Black & White and so on.

Having two or more compact camera is more convenient than having two bulky DSLR
and it need not much effort to carry both of them with you.
At present I have three P&S already and find myself using them more often than my

Wait till you are ready to have both and you will soon be taking more pictures.