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GRD-II new optical viewfinder?


New Member
I'm a longtime GR-1s user who has just joined the forum. I'm about to order a GRD-II. The first accessory I will be getting will be an external optical viewfinder.

In a recent review in the British Journal of Photography magazine, the author said he had heard a Ricoh employee say they were developing a new accessory viewfinder which would cover the 21/28 and 40mm lenses.

Has anyone heard this rumour?

I also understand the current GV-1 and GV-2 viewfinders do not show the whole frame. Would another brand, say Voightlander or Leica do better?

Thank you.
My experience; I first bought my GRD II with a GV-1 vewfinder, but I turned it back and was fortunate enough to get a full refund.

My reasons for not liking the GV-1, and probably any other external viewfinder:
1. I am near-sighted and I wear glasses. It does not work well with glasses on and there is no diopter adjustment to use it without glasses.
2. There is no camera information what so ever in the viewfinder so I need to peek at the screen anyway. Not like a dslr
3. To work 'live view', I only have to lower the camera slightly below my nose and a few dm in front of my face, to get a full view of the screen. No 'at arms length' situation required.
4. I can use all the exellent functions, including live histogram, Level indicator, +-EV settings, etc., without loosing the moment by switching back and forth from the viewfinder.
5. I have quickly gotten used to work this way, it felt a bit awkward before I tried but now I only see advantages

Got the camera (and viewfinder) yesterday. Eyesight correction would be good (I wear specs too).
I hate composing on a screen or holding a camera at arms length. I'm used to using a rangefinder (M6) or the GR-1, so generally have the camera set up and don't refer to settings just framing. Think I'll be using MY MODE a lot.