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GRD and ND filter

This is not a very common knowledge that the GRD contains ND filter. Unfortunately, the truth is that the internal ND filter is used/available only in fully automatic mode (camera logo on the mode dial) and only for apertures between 7.1 and F11. The purpose of ND filter should be to minimize the lens diffraction effect (image distortion caused by too small apertures). According of this article the Ricoh engineers examined a possibility to add (via FW update) an option to turn ON/OFF the ND filter manually. But it seems, they've decided not to release such FW addition.
Interesting, i've never played with the automatic mode. If they do release a ND filter option, i can save bucks from getting a ND1000 filter....
This is's only in automatic mode. What a pity there is not an user selectable option also in P, A and M modes. Unfortunately, it seems the Ricoh already abandoned GRD FW development. GRD2 is probably on the way and I don't see much chances to persuade them to add such useful option into menu. Actually, I cannot even get an answer from them, regarding the GRD FW bug in 2.31, which causes freezing the camera. It's strange, because they usually answer the user's emails?