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GRD + 21mm conversion lens - please help


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I currently have a GX100. The main reason I bought it instead of the GRD was the 24mm lens. I hardly ever use the other focal lengths at all. However, I've noticed a significant amount of barrel distortion at 24mm. This is especially the case in a current project where I'm taking a lot of pictures with horizontal and vertical lines in them all the way to the edges of the frames.

I am considering the GRD II with the 21mm conversion lens, because I could use the extra width and because I've heard there is less distortion with the GRD lens than with the GX100. But before I spend close to $1,000 US to find out, I am hoping someone here on this forum will be willing to do me a HUGE favor and post some test shots with their GRD + 21mm lens.

What would be ideal are shots of subjects with vertical and horizontal lines filling the frame. They needn't be fancy. A bookcase would do, as would an aisle at a grocery store, or a brick wall. The important thing is that the subject is fairly close to the camera, since that seems to increase the distortion on my GX100, and that the lines extend to the edges of the frame.

I would be so grateful if someone here could do this. I really want to avoid spending a thousand dollars, only to find out that there isn't much of a difference in distortion between the GX100 and GRD/GRD II. If that's the case, I might as well just buy the 19mm conversion lens for the GX100.

Thanks a lot.
Hello switters and welcome here!
I don't have the GRD2 yet, but it's on the way. I will definitely test the GRD2 also with 21mm lens. But as far as I know, the GRD barrel distortion should be almost unnoticeable and much better than in case of GX100 zoom lens.
did the grid test, but cant upload the pictures. it says "Board attachment quota has been reached"

email me, i'll send u the attachments.
leews2001":d5fe4 said:
did the grid test, but cant upload the pictures. it says "Board attachment quota has been reached"
Ups..try it now. I tried something on yesterday and forgot to return the size of quota back. It should be OK now.

Thank you very much for posting this. I see that there is some minor barrel distortion with the 21mm lens. It's difficult for me to know how that would compare, though, without seeing a picture of the chart by the GX100 side-by-side. Could you email me the chart or tell me where I can download it? Then I'll take a picture of it with the GX100 at 24mm and post it to this thread. That way it will be easy to compare.

I have PM'd my email address to you.

Thanks so much for your help - it is much appreciated.

Okay, I photographed the chart with the GX100. It seems to me there's more distortion than the GRD + 21mm, and it's a more "irregular" distortion as well. What do you think?


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I'm not very surprised to see this result. Zoom lens is always about compromise. You can't have reasonable priced ultra-wide zoom lens without barrel distortion. But still, the GX100 lens seems to be a very impressive piece of glass and plastic. I'm personally amazed by its corner to corner sharpness and relative low purple fringing. This is very good example of GX100 lens quality: ... -2_13.html
Of course, it's not fair comparison, because G7 starts at 35mm and GX100 is zoomed. However, the lack of purple fringing and amazing sharpness is pretty evident here.
The problem with the barrel distortion of the GX100 is that it's quite difficult to correct, because of its "irregularity" or waviness.

Otherwise, I agree that the GX100 is a superb compromise between features and quality. I am very satisfied with the zoom range and wouldn't want longer focal lengths at the expense of optical quality (which it almost surely would be).

As it stands, I find myself using 24mm almost exclusively. I've never been much of a zoom guy. I have a Pentax DSLR with 3 primes, and that's they way my brain works with a camera. I find having the choice of multiple focal lengths somewhat distracting.

That's why I'm seriously considering the GRD II. It might suit my style of shooting better.