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GR1V repair


New Member

I just got hold of a GR1v (for free!). It was seemingly in mint condition, but when I turned it on, I found that the lcd display only works partially (most of the info is not there, only parts of numbers are shown, etc.). I think I have navigated to the snap mode, so the camera can be used, but I would love to get it fixed and use it to its full extend.
Does anyone have any experience with analog Ricoh repairs in Europe (I am in Denmark), or any idea how costly this could be(I fear it will be too much to justify the repair..)? I will of course contact Ricoh, but thought I would ask this crowd at the same time...

Best regards

Ha..lucky you! GR1v is still somewhat expensive piece of history!

This LCD problem is a known GR issue, happening to many cameras. I'm sure that if you ask Ricoh about repair, they will do it for you. Just ask for quote before shipping the camera to service. But if you got it for free, I think even 100USD would be an acceptable price to pay for service. But I'm sure it will be less than that. Just ask them.
Thanks! I know....I'm a lucky bastard...
I am awating answer from Ricoh, so we'll see how severe the damage is.
By the way, would you happen to know where I could get hold of a hood for the camera?

You might have luck with ebay? I believe I saw the GR hood and some filters once or twice here? But you know, usually it's sold only with camera ;)
Thanks for the tip!

I have been corresponding with Ricoh, and will probably be shipping the camera for repair soon.

On a bynote: I tested the camera last week in Spain (just dropped the rolls of at the lab), and strangely the display improved throughout the week. Not working perfectly at the the end, but definately improved, like it was waking up....I guess all machines have a soul.


I recently acquired a Ricoh GR1v as well and the LCD screen also has the same issues. Does anyone know of places in California or the U.S. to have the screen replaced and the camera serviced?