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GR1s/GR1v Date (split discussion)

luis patricio

New Member
I do not understand the "DATE IMPRINTING GR1v Date ONLY" heading because in the GR1s manual it says "DATE IMPRINTING GR1s Date ONLY" and the cameras interface for this function are equal!
Versions without the date function? I never heard to speak of them but it must be that!
Re: Ricoh GR1v PDF manual

I know for sure that there is GR1v with and without Date. But I never saw GR1s with Date? But it's in the GR1s manual, so there are probably both versions?
Re: Ricoh GR1v PDF manual

My GR1s has the date function but its allways off! I never saw the version without date! :shock:
Made some GR1s (With Date) shots:


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Re: Ricoh GR1v PDF manual

So they apparently produced GR1s and GR1v both with and without date. I just got an offer for GR1s ($250+shipping). The only problem is it's silver and from outside the EU. I'm not quite sure. I would rather get black one ;) And because of customs fees the final price will be around $400. I think I can get it cheaper than that from EU?
Damn..I "almost" won gr1v for a reasonable price and great condition and believe or not, I was again outbid in last sec by someone with zero feedback :( Hate ebay.. ;)
Dear Odklizec.
I am sorry, I think I won you in the bidding on last Sunday because my feedback is "0".
It's my first bidding experience and I place bid the price as in mind from the first.
Even I had a hard time to pay using Paypal.
Anyway I hope We can be good Ricoh members. (also in Slovakia)
You lucky bugger! :D You "stole" it right under my nose! That was definitely not nice from you! :x But I think I can forgive you.. (give me few years.. :) )