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GR III shows custom button settings on startup


New Member
Hi there.

I am new to this forum and hope that there is someone able to help me.

Today, I received my new (to me) GR III. When I switch on the camera, the attached data is shown on the display for a couple of seconds. It shows the custom button settings I defined during set up.
My GR IIIx does not show such information and I want the GR III to react as my GR IIIx.

Does anyone has a clue where I can disable this information? I compared the settings of both cameras but I am just unable to find the relevant setting...

Thanks in advance and best regards


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Hi Matt,

You can disable this in Setup > Display Settings > Guide Display > Off (I don’t know the German equivalents).

I hope this helps.
Hi Robert.

Thanks a lot, that worked a treat.

I just set the camera language to english, which makes it easy to find these commands.

Best regards