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GR Digital ii kit?

Chris Sansum

New Member
I was just wondering how long Ricoh usually take to release a kit version of their cameras, ie with the electronic viewfinder included (taking maybe the GX100 as an example)? I've decided to buy this camera, but am wondering if it would be more cost effective to wait for a kit version to be released.

The number one factor on choosing this camera was the picture quality - having looked through a number of sample images the GRD ii just seems to have something else over the other models I've looked at. The colours are fantastic. I am going to be using it mainly for mountaineering photography, so the 28mm lense is good too (and maybe the wide angle when I can afford it!).

(newbie to these forums!)
Hello Chris and welcome on board!

Usually the kits are released within 12 months after main release. I would expect the GRDII kit announcement around September. But it can be anytime earlier? ;)