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GR Digital II dusted off and charged up


Thought it would be fun to take only an old favourite on a trip to Bath recently. I had forgotten what a 'quality' feel this little gem of a camera had when in the hand, and the pictures it produces are pretty good too. It does not see too much use these days unfortunately, superseded by newer cameras, but it's small size means it could still be the 'go anywhere' camera when I need to downsize for a trip. Anyway, I have attached three pics from the trip, all converted to mono by Photoshop, not done in camera.


  • RIMG0342 mono.jpg
    RIMG0342 mono.jpg
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  • RIMG0350 mono.jpg
    RIMG0350 mono.jpg
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  • RIMG0360 mono.jpg
    RIMG0360 mono.jpg
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