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GR Digital Creative Set & 40mm Lens



I've just ordered a GR Digital Creative Set. I hadn't realised they were still available; with the GR II out the price is much more reasonable.

As I understand it, the new 40mm (35mm equiv.) lens can be used with the original GR too. Has anyone tried this? Are there any reviews of the 40mm lens anywhere? What effect does it have on the aperture?

Hi Flux and welcome here! Yes, the 40mm conversion lens can be used with GRD but only with latest FW 2.40! You will most probably have to upgrade your new GRD with the latest FW. Unfortunately, the 40mm lens is now in a short supply so there are not much tests neither with GRDII or GRD. I'm also waiting for my lens to test. Keep watching this forum for some news about this lens ;)