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[Sell] For sale: Ricoh GRD II

For sale


New Member
The GRD II which i sell is in very good condition and was bought in a Swedish shop in the middle of January.
I don't know the number of exposures or how to read it out. (ACD see 10.0 which i use seems not to show it.)
But i can always take a macro-picture of (which will show today's date and some of the news) and then email the picture to anyone who wan't, and know how to read out the number of exposures.

Everything which was in the package when i bought it is included, Camera, charger, USB-cables, manuals etc is included and in very good condition.

I wan't 480 Euro, and that includes worldwide shippingcosts.
Ino i'm short on posts on this forum, but you can always check my posts on dpreview. (Same username as here)