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Flash compatible with the GRD2


New Member
Hello all,

Is there a list of compatible flash for the GRD2? I have a Canon 580EXII and a Leica SF20 and a small Contax flash for the G1. Would any of these work with the GRD2?

Thanks for your help!
The dedicated flash for the GRD II is the large Sigma flash, the 530 DG S-TTL (for Sigma) probably about the same size as the 580.
The GRD II will take a flash with a MAX trigger voltage of 20v but only used as Auto. The only TTL is with the Sigma.
I have tried my little Oly FL-20 and it works just fine. I don't know what it's trigger voltage is yet but I'm working on it. I like the
size and it also allows for the cameras flash to work at the same time. No swivel, but that's ok. I had it for my 5060WZ so the price was
right. My GUESS is a trigger voltage in the 6-10v range.


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Thanks for the reply.

I am also worry that the trigger voltage would fry the GRD2. Anyway the flashes I mentioned should all have low voltages so should all be OK. I guess it should be safe for me to try.

I believe all the modern Canon flashes are well below 10V. I have several but they are so large compared to the camera, like the Sigma, that
it's rediculous. You would think Ricoh would start making flashes again for their flash capable compact digital cameras.
I was thinking if needed I could put my 550 or 580 as a master and slave 1 or 2 420s and keep the big boy turned off. BUT REALLY, if I need
that much flash power I'm going to drag out a Canon camera and flashes.
I also tried my Oly FL-36 which is smaller then the 420s but could get it only to flash the first time. It's volts are just over 4 and that maybe too little.
The thing about the Fl-20 in my picture is at least you can stand the camera up without it falling over from being top heavy :lol:
Here is a link that has some flashes and their trigger voltages:

Good luck,
Well, my Nikon SB-800 works fine in auto mode, but looks ridiculous on the camera and defeats my purpose in buying it - I want to replace my Nikon EM + wide angle lens set-up that I used to use on trips when I didn't want to pack a full SLR kit. I have the cute little SB-E to go with the EM, but I'm pretty certain that'd cook the GRD II!

I guess it's a matter of having a look at the second hand flashes in local shops - the SB-23 looks like a possibility, for 75 euro, though an SB-20 would be nicer.
What do you think about the sb-400, 127 grams? Would that als fry it..?


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That sb-400 would be great flash for GRD/GX100. But as its TTL and manual is compatible only with Nikon system, I don't think it's useful for Ricoh. I believe I read somewhere that it does not work with Ricoh?
Looks like the SB400 is dangerously dedicated alright. Which is a pity - though I'm not sure I'd want to spend €230 for an auto-mode flash *anyway*!
Incidentally, Gil, the manual is very clear that using the internal flash with an external at the same time is a bad idea. You're aware of that, right?
Yes, I saw that you should not use both. The reasons for it are unclear to me. Like it can cause "injury"? I am
not positive what the damage could be either, but I won't be using both togeather very often. I took about 50
test images using both and the camera is still working fine and no one has been injured :D
odklizec":337r6m70 said:
That sb-400 would be great flash for GRD/GX100. But as its TTL and manual is compatible only with Nikon system, I don't think it's useful for Ricoh. I believe I read somewhere that it does not work with Ricoh?

This is correct, the SB-400 does not work with Ricoh :(

I bought the SB-400 for my Nikon D70 and tried it on my Ricoh. I was quite disappointed that the SB-400 doesn't work with the Ricoh because I like it's relative compactness and its useful flash bounce feature.
I took a potter about the camera shops in Dublin yesterday looking for a useful flash and I couldn't find a damn thing. The best I've seen is one of those slave units that screws into the tripod mount on a bracket: it's small enough anyway, but I have brackets, slave adaptors and flashes, no I didn't bother buying one.

The only flash I can find online that makes any sort of sense is the (mecablitz 20 C-2) which is small and has a bounce head and two auto modes. Metz (claim) that all their flashes can be used with digitals, so I'd guess they're within the 20V limit.

Anyone got a better idea for something small? (The SB-23 was also out, BTW, because it didn't have an auto-mode. This seems to be a failing of compact Speedlights.)
The thing that bothers me the most is that the only way we can get TTL is with the huge Sigma. I have looked and looked
online for a decent flash that I could bounce and saw some Metz flashes (I think the 20C was one of them) that seemed like
good possibilities, but why pay $200-400 (US) for a flash that does not give you TTL. We would be paying for all the electronic
goodies in those flashes and be unable to use them. Ricoh once made flashes for their film cameras that look small, you would
think that they could be adapted into their digital cameras, or else came up with their own small flashes for the GRD series and
I saw the slave flashes and have hesitated on getting one of those. Someone had posted at DPreview that it worked really well,
so I may try one of them. At least they are not too expensive but I would not have much more then what I have with the Oly FL-20.
Well, the 20C is $56 on Adorama, which isn't a disaster - and there's a review there from a GRD user that likes it.
They have them at B&H for the same price. I will never order another thing from Adorama again.
I ordered the 40mm and adaptor from Popflash and don't mind sending my buisness there.
My problem is that I consider TTL or in this case sTTL a big deal, and I am afraid that I will get
the Sigma. However, were talking bounce flash so it does not matter that much at all. With the
Sigma I could get a diffuser for when needed like outdoor fill flash. I use them at times on my
Canon flashes and they work quite well.
So far the little Oly has been ok, but I'm no fan of direct flash. When I got the FL-20 several years
ago I didn't know, nor could afford, better!
Well, I'm in Ireland and unlikely to order from a US site - I was using them as a price reference.

I don't consider TTL worthwhile with the GRD given that I have a D70s and an SB-800 already, so I'm happy with a decent auto-mode in a small form-factor. I just know that I will never pack that giant Sigma on a trip where I don't have the Nikon gear with me ...
Does the Nikon flash work on the GRD I/II? I noticed some smallish Nikon flashes and wondered about those.
As discussed above, they work in auto-mode if they have it. The smallest Nikon flashes tend not to have auto-mode however - SB-400 and it's ancestors.
I'm happy to use the Sigma flash, but only if I can find a TTL cord that'll link it up with the camera (GRD2). Sigma doesn't make one, though. Ugh.


I thought of this also and about the only thing I can think of since Sigma does not make them is to 1. Get
the flash and take it to a good camera shop (which I do not have) and see if they can get or have one that
matches up. 2.Call the online guys, e.g. B&H or, and hope to get a salesman with a lot of
patience and see if they will track one down for you. I may give that a try at B&H, after the holidays.
3. Find a hotshoe transmitter that might work.