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First days of testing


New Member
Hello Forum!

New member and Ricoh owner here. I received my GRD2 three days ago and I spent the entire sunday walking around playing with it. I am very pleased. It's very different compared to my Nikon D70, but still very good. I am sad because my favorite raw converter Bibble doesn't support the GRD2 (or GRD, GX100), so my normal workflow at the moment feels broken. I think however, that I will shoot RAW+Jpegs to begin with and just upload the Jpegs as they are, so that I can focus on learning to shoot with the camera and then maybe later fix stuff if I want.

Here are my pictures, taken this Sunday, when I went to work and later to a dark and high iso wanting arcade hall. The jpegs
were completely unmodified and uploaded straight into my Apache::Gallery setup (which rescaled them and added some more artefacts) ... lasergame/

If you want the raw+jpeg images as they were from the camera, they can be found in ... lasergame/
or ...
if you want to download them all in one go (54 images, ~ 1GB).

The directory with the raw files will be removed in a few weeks (if you are wondering why the links have stopped working).
Very nice pictures Jooon!!

I like the elevator one's. My GRD2 tonight sleep at the post office... I couldn't get the courier.
I will pick her tomorrow morning. Cold night for my Ricoh :oops: :oops:
Thanks. I also like the elevator ones (not those with me inside), especially the one with the cones. Hilights are blown, but overall tone of the lighting is nice and most of all, because of the cones, it feels like the wall painting with the construction site has somehow moved out of its wall. :)
Hi All!!!!

Also I want to post some pictures of my first day of shooting!!
Only I touch with Photoshop at the RAW mode.


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I see on hose pictures lots of highlight clipping and in lots of darks missing detail. Do not misunderstand me, has nothing to see with the fact if you love them or not. I see further pictures that you can take IMO with lots of cams.
I still miss the proof to buy a GRDII for personal use.
The history of photography is full of great, expressive, creative photos such as yours yavaro. Many of the greatest photos of all time have clipped higlights or shadows without detail. Not all photos need to hold detail in the extreme shadows and highlight or look like a platinum print in order to be "good". Making expressive use of the limitations of a medium is a sign of artistry...

Many photgraphers act like the bad craftsman, blaming their tools for their lack of skills. Some of them use this forum to complain that their latest acquisiton doesnt meet their ultra high standards and justify buying a new camera so they can eep complaining without ever bothering to learn their strenghts or work around their limitations. Your photo of the cat is great, really imaginative and by yuxtaposing the books and the animal behind the glass it suggests a child-like dreamy state and really benefits from the deep shadows...

Dont pay any mind to comments from people who have never shown a single interesting photo, sooner or later these equipment masturbators will be recognized for what they really and get what they deserve. It wont happen in the dpreview ricoh forum where they have gotten away with saying completely absurd things, like "a good photo is one where you can recognize peoples faces", badly confused people with their false technical authority, and driven away really valuable posters...

I have only had my GRD II for 5 days, and this has been the last week of class so I didnt get much chance to play with it (I have taught photography for over 14 years...) so I only have a couple of pics worth sharing:
thank you for your words Jorge!!

I am very interested in to know more about the flash you use on this pictures.

Some good and intelligent advice there jorge. Lot's of people seem to miss the fact that photography is an art, and photo's don't always have to be technically perfect to look good. I like your thinking!! I especially like this photo from your collection too. Can you explain how you took it as I always seem to get massive reflection if I use the flash during macro work. Thanks.