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February 2014 contest

No topic announced, unless I missed it.
I've PMed Pavel a few days ago to suggest - Perhaps if its this late in the month we skip February and have the March one end on the 31st instead of the 7th as it has been?
I'd like to see the competitions continue even with a low number of entries.
Richard, Tim, and all others,

Pavel emailed me about two weeks ago, and among other he mentioned that he is terribly busy these weeks, and hardly has any time left for his hobbies, including this forum. As a (so far unofficial) winner of the December "Wind" contest I suggested him a topic for the next month (February), but apparently we are behind the calendar quite a bit now. So either we can have two contests run in parallel now (February and March), or make the two ones somewhat shorter (Feb one open till about the 10th March, March open till the end of the month), or as suggested by Tim we can postpone everything by one month, skipping entirely the February contest (I have no problems on giving up my selection of the topic) - probably this would be the easiest solution. But obviously Pavel has to decide this, depending on his time for this forum ...

Regards to all,
setvak":2gtj0irg said:
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Thanks for the update, and I can fully appreciate Pavel has very limited time.
I confess I have been too busy some months to even submit an entry and Pavel's work setting up each month and creating the voting would take much longer.

I like your idea better to run both topics in parallel. - I didn't think of that. :D
But of course we shall leave Pavel to choose.
Hi folks,

I'm terribly sorry about not announcing the February contest. My busy schedule is only a part of the problem. Not so long ago, someone complained about the quality of Ricoh prizes. This and the fact I'm nearly out of the available prizes, plus slow but constant drop of contest participants, makes me to think about ending monthly contests. Either this or the monthly contests will be just for fun, with no more prizes for the winners. It's hard decision and I did not make the final decision yet. What do you think guys?
odklizec":3h11at6l said:
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First up, let me thank you for the efforts you put in to keep this place running. I am sure many others here are also appreciative.
As this was one of the few forum's that offered any kind of prize for its photo competition I am a little surprised that anyone complained. They could enter elsewhere and get nothing.
Most other forum sites that I have visited offer only "Prestige" if you win. In the very unlikely event that I ever win, I will happily fore-go a prize for the next winner, if that helps.

On the competitions, I'd like to see them continue as I enjoy seeing people submit their best work (and I like voting) but not at the expense of your life's responsibilities or if it takes away from your family.
So, I would like to see them continue BUT I will leave the decision with you Pavel, no complaints from me if you decide to end them.
The third option is the shelve them for now to restart later IF you ever have time again.

As for the prizes, I believe you only have them from donations of sponsors (some members may not know this?), its nice to offer them if you have them, but if they go I would still participate.
Hi Pavel,

It is truly a pleasure to browse this forum that you animate so long. And as others have said, it is an honor to participate in monthly contests. Exchanges and discussions around our photos are more significant than any prize.
Pavel, and all,

I also agree with the statements above that the competitions can be for fun only, it should be a matter of honor to win the monthly contest, no need to stimulate participation by hw or sw prizes ...

Regards, Martin
odklizec":2ti6k74m said:
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I'd like to echo others in thanking you for running this forum and providing some heavyweight clarficiation too on the more technical issues around Ricohs.

I enjoy the monthly competition because it challenges me to photograph a specific subject. It's then good to see everyone else's submissions which frequently help me with self improvement. While prizes are always nice, it's not the reason I compete and I'd be quite happy to carry on without them.

I'm quite addicted to this forum and visit most if not every day - thank you for finding the time in your busy life to keep it going.

I enjoy participating in the contest when I can, but for me personally the removal of the contest will not detract at all from my enjoyment of the forum. Prizes are completely unnecessary IMO. I agree that the challenge is the main thing.
If there are thoughts about changing the format, the only suggestion I have is that only photos taken specifically for the contest (taken during the month) should be allowed - I think that this, too, would also make the challenge more interesting.
Pavel, this is a really good forum.
Yes, me too I think this contest doesn't need prices. What I am sometimes interested in: Why people are voting for this or that picture.
Thanks Pavel for your work for maintaining this forum alife! :cool:
Like many others stated before:

A contest without prizes would be fine anyway. The contest is one of my favourite items of this interesting forum.
Restriction to photos shot esp. for the contest would be nice, but as said before, might discourage possible participants.

And, yes, some discussion about the contest photos and votings would be great.

Hold on - rikiki
I would like to add my somewhat late thoughts to those already posted. Since joining this rather special (dare I say unique?) friendly forum way back in 2009, I have always thought of the photo-contest as an essential but always fun part of the activities offered. It was therefore disappointing for me to hear of a complaint that the monthly contest prizes were in some way inadequate.
If it helps remove the possibility of a similar occurrence in the future , then I absolutely agree that prizes should be stopped. However, as also previously expressed, should the decision be made to end the completion all together in order to allow Pavel to allocate more of his limited spare time to family etc, then that decision also meets with my approval: how could I say otherwise?

However, it does seem true that the numbers actively using the forum are dwindling and I fear that this apathy will, in any event, lead to the forum eventual winding down. :shock: Am I allowed, with your blessing Pavel, to say 'use it or lose it'?

Best regards to all you forum user regardless of the outcome! This forum has certainly inspired me to try (and occasionally succeed) in taking better pictures and much pleasure has resulted from this inspiration. :D

Hey guys,

I returned and was sad to find that the monthly contest is being put on hold.

As this is a community, how about letting the winner of the month runs the contest of the next month and provided the prize? it doesn't have to be monthly. Bi-monthly is fine. it is for fun as well as keeping the useful exchange going. It is always interesting and educational if you like to see how different photographers interpret the same topic.

What say you, fellow Ricoh users?