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EVF - Blurry and slow?


New Member
Is it normal that the EVF is not sharp to the edges and somehow slow in movement, sometimes seems to split R G and B on movement?
Hi praktinafan and welcome here! I did not experience anything similar with GX100 EVF. Are you sure the EVF is correctly connected with camera? Of course, the EVF response is always a bit slower especially in dimly light rooms. But generally, I found the GX100 EVF very useful and much better than other EVFs.
To be honest, I like it more than for example optical VF I'm using with GRDII (the small CV minifinder). The best thing on EVF is its ability to display the real histogram and all shooting details. But yes, the attached EVF makes the camera bulkier and pocketable only in really large pockets ;)
Thank you odklizec for your warm welcome, it is nice to be here.

I use a LEICA Digilux since 2005, the camera has a EVF and I was not very happy with it but the EVF of the Ricoh is far behind it. I hope this is not a production mistake. The best would be to find another ricoh GX100 EVF and compare.

Nevertheless i would prefer a bigger viewfinder with better optics/magnification and more flexibility. Best would be the opportunity to remove the optics and eyecup so you could view from some distance from upside down – or a 2" attachable display for the upside.

Even better would be a optical bright finder with the main information framed in - a dream!
praktinafan":cbq66cix said:
Even better would be a optical bright finder with the main information framed in - a dream!
The longer I think about the better it becomes! All important information could be displayed in the optical viewfinder which has the electronic plug to the socket on the camera.

Even a frame for the corresponding actual focal length could be displayed!'s a very nice dream. But I'm afraid, the manufacturing costs and so "end user" price of such VF would be to high. You see, the actual GX100 VF is just some plastic and electronic components. Almost no precise optical components. Now add the excellent glass required (and expected) for a good optical VF and you are on a doubled price. The price of GV-2 optical VF is higher than the price of GX100 VF. I'm sure, it's because of all that good optical components, which are completely missing in GX100 VF. I would be the first who would purchase such optical VF combined with camera status info. But I'm not sure I'm ready to pay 400USD or similar crazy price just for VF? ;)
Oh yes, you are right, it will be too expensive. On the other hand ... you could use it on several cameras (based on the hope that the concept will go on a run :idea: in several camera models)
I have not had any problem with the EVF. I prefer it to the LCD for general use. It is a bit pixelly, but so is the LCD if you look equally closely. I find the EVF is easier on the eye since the virtual image is at infinity rather than close in front of you. It is also a bigger image unless you are able to view the LCD from about 15cm away, which is uncomfortably close for me.

The EVF could certainly be better: 400,000 pixels and a bigger image like an SLR viewfinder would be nice! But it is certainly good enough, after all you only need it to compose your images, not admire the view in fine detail.

One thing that I find odd: changing the brightness only works on the LCD, the EVF brightness does not vary unfortunately.
Hi all,
have been sitting on the side lines trying to find out how people feel about their GX's. I currently have a K10, S400 and a LC1 (ala DigiLux2 in black) and I am looking for a LC1 like camera that is just smaller (but not as small as the S400 which is dying) but also has a wide range zoom and some manual controls (the LC1 spoilt me, and the pentaprism swayed me to the K10 rather than the porro/mirror assemblies of other camera as the view you get of the world as the camera and then you see it is as important). Your comment Praktinafan, is very interesting about the EVF. On the LC1/DL2 many people slammed it as not good but I found it quite good except in low light (not as good as the high gain bw switch on the Minolta A2s 900k EVF). How is the EVF on the Ricoh not as good (as the DL2) and how well does it handle both low light and manual focus checking??
Hi all,
well I finally went and did it.. the GX100 is one of the most easy to handle small cameras I have ever had... I am slowly getting used to all of its features.. so back to the main point of the post.

Praktinafan, I agree I think we must both have iffy EVFs.. for me no matter how I adjust it to get the center of the frame is in focus, the outer edges don't seam too be. If I wear my glasses they are just in focus if have the image far enough away from me (and then the corners are obscured by the rubber of the eye cup) , but as you get closer it seems the small size of the evf means that while I can adjust the center the extra distance to the edges is enough for it to be out of focus.... (its a little like a scope on a rifle.. you must be looking dead straight into it or else!)

(Other than that its great, as long as I get the exposure just right! (Thank god for the manual controls.. if only I could add everything to the adj rocker))


(now thinking about doing the break up a small camera and build an OVF or just go the whole hog and try a gv-2...)
hi all,
i'm newbie to GX100.....i wear glasses and i find the EVF is really not friendly for glasses.....:(
kind of hard to view.
Hi Spider and welcome here! Did you try to adjust the diopter correction? Just rotate the VF eyecup. This should help you to see better.
Hi odklizec, thanks, i tried but still find it kind of not easy to view.....i own a Nikon D70 and the view finder is really good and ease for glasses wearer like me....but GX100 is a nice camera though, i enjoy it a lot !

i got it at a very discounted price of about USD400 for a VF kit. and tried to use it as a secondary camera for my dSLR but i think it will soon become my primary camera.....haha :D

btw, Odklizec, love all the photo u posted ! amazing.....i hope i can achieve your std with the GX100....still learning, especially those indoor shot with low light + moving kid....!!
Oh yes, GX100 VF (any EVF) is nowhere that good as DSLR VF. Even the smallish Olympus E4xx/E5xx VF is much better than GX100 VF. But I still think it's the best VF any compact camera currently offers. Sadly, it's probably nothing for eyeglass wearers.

BTW, I already dropped my DSLR and GRDII is now my primary camera. It can be everywhere with me, it's silent, unobtrusive and with careful RAW processing, it can deliver very competitive results. Thank you for your kind words about my pics!