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Edinburgh alleyways!


New Member
A few of my favourites from a trip to edinburgh the other day, except it was cold and we had no money so we were avoiding all the tourist traps!

I'd really like to add some vignetting to the corners of this (above) but don't know how, any tips would be greatly appreciated (running aperture 1.0 and Photo S CS1)!

All on Gx100. Hope you like!


  • Edinburgh pipes.jpg
    Edinburgh pipes.jpg
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  • Alleyway Sepia.jpg
    Alleyway Sepia.jpg
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  • Church Through Trees.jpg
    Church Through Trees.jpg
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All three photos are nice and the second one is superb! The sepia look is very natural for this kind of shots. Well done!
I'd really like to add some vignetting to the corners of this (above) but don't know how

Not sure about your version of PS (I still use PS7), but a method that applies to most is.................Select the rectangular marquee, and feather the selection (200 pixels usually works well for me, though it depends on the size of your image, and the vignette your looking for), select the area you wish to vignette.

Invert your selection, and open a levels layer.

Select the middle 'slider', and push it to your desired vignette level.

thanks for the comments and the hellp, just got back from being away for a week so will have a go at those tips!
Hello !

Very nice, especially the first two, in different styles. The first one is very oppressive and original, I needed some time to understand what it was !