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DW6 Conversion Lens - Keep On or Take Off?


New Member
Just ordered the DW6 conversion lens. My question is: do those of you that have it keep it on and use the gx100 as a 19-57mm zoom or take it off if you need 24mm or longer. There was one post I found on dpreview with a comparison shot taken at 19mm and 24mm (without dw6), and the 19mm seemed very slightly softer than the 24mm. These were camera jpegs and it may be possible to get a little bit more detail by shooting raw (which I do most of the time anyway). Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.
Regards, Roman
With me it varies. Normally I don't have the DW6 on because it makes the camera too big to be pocketable. I just put it on when I want a very wide angle shot and take it off again to put back in my pocket, so for the next shot it will probably no longer be in place. However if I was taking a longer shot at the same time I would tend to leave it on out of laziness, as the DW6 seems sharp enough (though I haven't done a direct comparison with and without it attached at a given focal length: I have been meaning to do this).

However over Christmas I found one time when it is best to leave the DW6 in place all the time: when it is raining! The GX100 is definitely a fair-weather only camera, the first time I tried to use it in wet conditions, the lens barrel got covered in raindrops almost instantly, which was worrying as I was afraid water would be drawn inside when the lens retracted. I could find no way of holding the camera such that I could shield the lens barrel from raindrops. So to combat this I put the HA2+DW6 on (after I had dried the lens barrel!) and kept it on for the rest of the day simply to make the camera waterproof enough to take pictures in damp English weather.

I am getting the HA-2 tube for my GX100 and I will always keep this in place.With a UV filter.
I'm not so keen on using a jacket pocket anyway,a small camera bag is fine for me.Too much dust in my pockets
and I'm no secret sam with a camera.

I do the same with my Olympus C5050,adapter tube CLA1 and filter.This keeps the lens safe from knocks,dust etc.

OK ,the filter is extra glass but I've not seen any noticeable loss on my c5050 (which has a beautiful lens) and dont expect to see any on the GX100.
I've also not had any service problem with my c5050 (previous owner had to change the lens due to dust etc).

I do find that when i use my Wide angle adapter on the C5050 it tends to stay on a while BUT-The lens is then exposed to knocks and scratches
and the Adapter I have ( a Nikon wce68) cannot accept any filters or a secure lens cap.So as soon as i am away from that interesting area where the extra coverage is useful (church interior or whatever) the adaptor lens gets stowed away again.

That Ricoh adapter isnt so cheap to risk scratching up either.

b rgds

Thanks for the replies.
I've also been using the tube with a uv filter as protection since getting the gx100. There was a great tip I came across on dpreview to use a 43mm to 46mm step-up ring for the uv filter which allows the original ricoh lens cap to be used. No problems with vignetting.
Hoping the dw6 arrives in the next day or two :)
i will be using the step up ring too.This so I can use my Nikon WCE68 (has 46mmm thread)
and also because 46mm filters seem more plentiful on E BAy.
The 43-46 mm step up ring is fairly easy to find on e bay.

b rgds

ok for me i keeep the HA-2 on the camera with a UV filter for protection. i rarley use my DW-6 but always carry it around with me in my bag. as for the step up ring....just keep the rubber hood in place and squeeze the lens cap into it! M