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Do you use the adapter and a lens hood with the GRIII?


New Member
Since we had some rain in Germany the past few weeks it got me thinking if I should think about protecting the GRIII lens from water while shooting in the rain. Looking around on the internet I have found some people recommending Squarehood combined with Nisi lens adapter.

Does anyone have any experience in using a lens hood with the GRIII?

i know it compromises pocketability but the way I see it, I might like having the option (if feasible) for use only on rainy days. For all other days I am content with form and style of the GRIII as it is.
I do not use an adaptor or lens hood on my IIIx. I prefer to keep it slim and pocket size. I do put a JJC lens cap over the lens for some protection when not in use. The camera is not weather sealed. I would not use it in the rain if I have other choices including my cell phone.
I must admit to shooting from under an umbrella (one handed) when necessary, it makes the camera even less intrusive and reduces risk of rain ingress even more - not for everyone but it works for me.
I ordered the Nisi adapter, a 49mm UV filter and lens hood, and I will try it out and see if it works with my way of using the GR3.

I also always have the GR3 in my jacket pocket but I also am almost always out with a backpack so I am thinking that I can put the adapter, lens hood, etc in my backpack to use only if necessary. The good thing is that it is easy to snap on and off.

The main reason I don't ever put the GR3 in my backpack is that my brain then simply switches into a non-photo-taking mode. The camera then just stays in my backpack the entire time I am out. I have to work on this though because summer is fast approaching I won't have my jacket with me any more

To be honest, I also have never shot in the rain but a few times afterwards. Recent pictures of rainy streets on Instagram taken with the GR3 got me tempted a bit
I sometimes use a Polarising filter with my GR with a small vented hood (makes the filter easier to turn for me ) as I shoot a lot of architecture and prefer to control the window reflections. Rain though is no friend to these cameras really. Somehow my GR Digital I is still keeping up with me although it's days are probably numbered. Has the occasional stuck shutter and after the life it's had I can't blame it. I've treated it well and used it well, and been reluctant to buy the new model simply as I have the adapter, 21mm, and half case for it I'd also have to replace which I use a lot.
Wherever I go I normally carry various items in a small shoulder bag. The contents now include a GR IIIx so I obtained the Nisi adapter and a UV filter to protect the camera from dust in my bag. I can't see any detrimental effect on the images, and also I haven't yet seen any need to add a lens hood.

I also always have my backpack with me. And to protect the camera from everything else in my bag, I have the LowePro Tahoe CS 20 which is a perfect fit for the GRIII w/o the adapter, hood, etc. I use the adapter with a hood on rainy days and then of course the LowePro case is useless.

I agree that the adapter and the UV Filter does not impact image quality. The hood imo is to protect the UV Filter from scratches and tbh, to add a bit of more style on rainy days ;)
If I don't intend on putting it in my pocket, I'll use the hood. I took it on vacation in the Caribbean, and preferred it with the hood off. The whole idea for me with this camera is pocketability.
I personally don't use any lens hood or adapter acting as lens hood on my GR iii. Does it make that much difference when shooting outdoors? Can anyone post a side by side comparison?

Like the last comment I prefer the pocketability though I do put the camera in a small pouch when I am not shooting. However I must admit seeing the GR camera with a square hood does make the camera more aesthetically pleasing and stylish lol.