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differences betw. GRD and GX 100


New Member
Good day!
Yes, I'm asking for this basic question, as I'm interested in buying one of those...
Of course, I've read some reviews on the internet, compared the technical specs by myself... But I wanted to hear from real users, what they'd point out as benefits and/or drawbacks on both models, in peculiar in an optical-quality point of view... But any remark would be extremely appreciated!!!


Thanks for sharing the hint !
The lens-captor specs of the GRD seem to be pretty convincing, according the MTF-diagram (among other things...).
Funnily, I've already been @ Iansky's site a few days ago, leaving him also a question/comment (still unanswerd, besides)...
( ... m-raw.html )

I'm gonna rummage the web for further infos on the GRD (& GRD II), I guess (yeah, and the dpreview site/forum is a good starting point, to this respect...).
I think the other major difference between the GRD/GX100 is in the amount of JPEG noise reduction and less sharpening. Although the cleaner and sharper high ISO JPEG images may sound great for new users, many GRD users would never exchange their GRD pics for less noisy (more in-camera processed) pictures. But because the GX100 has faster raw writing than GRD (not GRDII) you can achieve almost exactly the same (if not better) result with GX100 RAW as with GRD jpeg ;)
Well, noise-reduction, sharpening etc... to a certain extent is ok to me, as long as it is really "necessary"... which is completely subjective. But basically, I mistrust internal-processing stuff, preferring to do it by myself on Photoshop... Furthermore, I quite like the grain-like noise produced by the GRD...

To this respect, the GRD II seems to orientate more towards the way the GX 100 handles this issue (i.e.: drastic noise reduction -- through internal firmware-processing?) : ... -18-1.html

But is this RAW-mode or JPEG ?