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Dead or Alive?

It looks this post was completely missed before Christmas? I think they are dead or playing some fishy games? ;)
Very much alive. But, preparing for death!!. In tank in local restaurant specializing in " gold fish on toast " with, or without, garlic sauce.
Finding Nemo...

Sorry..a bit of black humor ;) This was my today's dinner in a recently open sushi bar. Damned expensive but very good!
Taken with R8 in macro and 8MP mode. ISO400, handheld in continuous mode (0.5secs!). If you are interested, you can see the full size image here:


  • R0010435_sm.jpg
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Although I am no expert, this is really a v. good photo. Up with the best in any pro mag. When I first saw it, such colour, such balance, and excellent focus, I thought (a)that you must have very steady hands or (b) that there is something special with the pre sushi snaps/vodka in Slovakia!!. But then once again you have provided excellent info/instruction which I, for one, always greatly appreciate. Pity the continuous mode does not work in RAW in GX100!!. Perhaps, when you have a spare moment you can tell me how to do "smilies' and "Quote", as on international forum it is easy to be misunderstood because of language translation, either via forum or seperate e-mail. Personally, I think that was a good deal of the difficulty with " Lucridders ". Thanks for info, once again.
Thanks for your comment Chris! I was just lucky with taking so sharp 0.5 sec shot ;) Or maybe it's just the continuous mode? I have a very good experience with using continuous mode in low light (with times between 0.5 and 1/20secs). From the three taken photos, only one was blurred. It's really pity the continuous mode cannot be used with RAW. Even "two-shots" RAW would be useful. And I believe it should be doable with GRDII. Thanks to dual GRDII buffer, I can take two RAW shots in a rapid succession and without waiting for anything. It just requires release and new press of the shutter. The problem is, that this method is not very convenient, because it causes camera shake.

I posted something more about this photo here:

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