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I'm a new member - just a casual amateur. New to the GX100 also. Just wondered what comments would come back about these


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Hi nibsco and welcome here! I'm not quite sure about the second picture, but I like the first one! Very colorful and dramatic. I believe they are both processed with DPHDR? ;) Thanks for sharing!
Hi odklizec, thanks for the comments. Yes, they've both been through DP-HDR. Where I am (Scottish island) light levels are very low in winter, and I've been very impressed with the way that software brings otherwise rather flat images to life. I'm really looking forward to better light in Spring and Summer. I'm still finding my way around the camera but I'm beginning to appreciate its capabilities. I was anticipating great things from the Sigma DP-1, but got fed up waiting for it to come out.
They are both very nice. I like the black and white one best, the branches, shadows and grass and their textures all harmonise well. The only minor criticism I would make is that the highlights are a little burnt out, retaining some texture in those would have improved things further I think. I don't know if that is how you chose to do it or whether it was a little overexposed, it is easy to lose the finer highlight details on sunlit branches etc unless you set -ve exposure compensation. I find I am frequently shooting at -1 stop when hightlights are important.

The colour one is also good, though I am not generally a big fan of the vivid colour style of photography. Playing around with it in Irfanview, I prefer it with -50 saturation, the boat then harmonises with the scene more naturally, yet still stands out in a striking way due to being the only strongly coloured object in the picture.
Thanks for that hiro. I was quite pleased with the b/w because I wasn't expecting anything particularly interesting from the original exposure. I'm still learning about exposure compensation, w/b and using ISO settings. This forum is great because there are useful tips (like yours) and a degree of pressure to use all the camera functions. My admiration for the GX100 continues to grow.