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Commuting methods


New Member
Using two legs, a bicycle with two wheels and a unique vehicle with three wheels
but without the pedals.


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Hehe..nice one! I'm still using its older brother..

It requires a lot of human power to run it, but it's a lot of fun (mainly for people watching me in action :D )
A rare treat indeed, isn't it a beauty, with bicycle like brake levels and spokes for the front wheel.
The diameter of the front wheel should be around 14 inch, correct me if I'm wrong.
With a bigger wheel in front you can go much faster on flat road and a joy when going down slope.
Haven't seen one of such design here. The craze over such two wheeler machine went back just a couple of
years ago as a fashion trend especially among the younger generation. However the diameter of the wheels on
such a machine was just merely 4 inches.

Aha, saw some of these in Chinatown. Need plenty of leg power when you have two heavy weight persons
on board.


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