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A hawker in one of the heartland housing estate decided to
use a big canvas to describe what he has to offer.

Have you heard of "Kway Chap", "Mixed Organ Soup" and
"Pig Trotter"? With this convincing words, "Delicious and Yummy"
you may want to give it a try.

Folks in HongKong, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore may be
familiar with this very popular soup, often taken with rice.


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Mixed organs..hmm..sounds really "delicious"! :lol: Thanks for very nice, very colorful and as always, very educational shot! ;)
I thought the red Coca Cola banner puts a bit of humour in this circumstances.
One might thought that to have a bowl of mixed organ soup is best enjoyed with
a can of Coke!

True, mixed organ soup is really tasty and delicious and a single serve is
about S$3.50 only. Served steaming hot with chilly and black soya sauce.
H'mm you must try it.
Can I have just the chilly and black soya sauce, please? :D But seriously, I'm not against any food. I like experiments and who knows? Maybe one day I will try also this soup? ;)

I think it's very good shot. Basically, it again shows the cultural differences. The coke advert gave it slight touch of familiarity. But I just cannot imagine a similar "mixed organ soup" advertisement on any of the local (and still prosperous) restaurants ;)
I tried somthing like this in was quite interesting :shock: , i dont really know what was in it but it was from a local market!.......when in rome!
marky":a4756 said:
I tried somthing like this in was quite interesting :shock: , i dont really know what was in it but it was from a local market!.......when in rome!

Yeah! marky, sometime back while I was in Tai Yuen, a town about 2 hours flight from Beijing, the friends
there were enthusiatically wanting me to enjoy the delicacy of rabbit soup. Errh, I thought that would
be interesting even though this can be the first time trying out unusual exotic food.

Half an hour later someone brought over a brown hare by its ear and showed it to me. "Here it is" he said
and my friends brought the poor hare home to delight me with one of the most delicious soup that I have
ever tasted in my life. "The soup is good for the human body" they said and with that assurance I drank two bowls
and ate some of the meat too.....ah, when in rome, do as what they do..... Agree? :D :D :D
one of the joys of traveling is trying things you would never dream of doing "back home" Sapa, northern Vietnam the local market stalls have all kinds of things on them, one was a butcher.....he had squirels, rats and half a dog!......that night i had noodle soup with vegitables for dinner! i was'nt in rome! lol