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Cokin filter shoe holder for GRD


New Member
I haven't seen this mentioned here, so just to note that Cokin make a holder for their filters that screws into the tripod mount of the camera:

I have an older version with only two "rails" for the tripod screw to go into and it just about fits in front of the lens on the GRD and doesn't seem to cause any vignetting on the 28mm lens. The deeper mounting shoe on the version illustrated would probably fit with the 40mm tele-convertor, though I'm sure it would vignette the 21 mm. Useful for mounting ND filters, for a start. And I have a whole pile of silly ones I picked up really cheap second hand ages ago!
And with a tiny bit of work to open a hole a bit further back to give me a little more clearance I can fit the circular polariser in front of the lens, which is even more useful.
That's a great idea, providing it allows for rotating of the filters too.

Here's the SpiderFire bracket I used for the ringlight. It works just as well with filters.


The bracket screws securely into the mounting screw socket. There is no pressure on the lens barrel, which is actually protected, rather than stressed.

Link to ringlight thread: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=5870

However, it's not necessary; I use the time honoured technique of holding the filter over the lens with my thumb and forefinger.