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Chinese Ghost Festival in Singapore


New Member
A typical Chinese Ghost Festival Outdoor Dinner

Altar to worship the Gods.

Front view of altar

Auctioning during the dinner (Plenty of weird items for auctioning that symbolise LUCK)

But most are anticipating the food rather than the auction. :lol:
Purely BnW and straight from the GX100 without any adjustments. Love the film like quality :D
The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival (occurs on the 7th month of the Lunar calendar)
i.e. during the month of August/September. Organisers of such an event often
include a "Ge Tai" which means the celebrations comes with singing and plenty
of exotic food and wine.

The hawkers in wet markets and the shop keepers in the heartlands of the various
estates in this robust little island of Singapore would be the regular organisers.
During the month of the hungry ghost they believe that by giving offerings and respect
to the dead and their spirits they would in return have better or continued prosperity
including peacefulness and growth for their ongoing business.

Here is an example of such an event held indoor in one of the shopping complex.
The stage was set with gifts (from mini fridge to bicycle were for bidding by those who were
attending the dinner). The image shows a female elderly singer taking on to the stage
just before the celebration starts. Dinner would be served when the guests arrived
at around 8.30pm.


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It's really nice to read about all these cultural differences and see the images from the other side of the globe :)
odklizec":53949 said:
It's really nice to read about all these cultural differences and see the images from the other side of the globe :)

Thank you for spotting one of my intention of sharing pictures. One of the main reason of taking up
photography is to share with the world our thoughts through our creations. Though we can capture
anything that is interesting to us but if we don't explain in more detail we can only enjoy the
immediate outburst of that particular images through its composition, timing, lighting used, colour
combination, technical quality, originality, enhancement and so on.

So they say - a picture is better than a thousand words. In many circumstances a picture can describe
much more than you trying to put in words. But in a selective aspect of street photography, the
ultimate enjoyment is to write a bit more to give the viewer the fuller story. I hope other forum
members will do so and start sharing the differences in culture, behaviour and so on. We can
benefit much from such attempts as we begin to learn slowly and be more tolerance of one another.
This in the end is the ultimate solution of walking the street with that tiny little black devil doing
what the pros deem to call as photojournalism.

In this sense a picture is not always better than a thousand words. Thank you once again for taking
notice of the educational intention of my pictures odklizec.

:D :D :D


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