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Chemists shop


New Member
Caught yesterday whilst I was bored, waiting for a prescription


  • chemist_shop2.jpg
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Nice photo. Love the smile on the " Chemists " face. Pic reminds me of the German prankster Till Aulenspiegel, who in the 1300 hundreds, made a social commentry on German society of his time through the many pranks he created particularily on Chemsts of his time, whom he said were putting absolute rubbish into the medicines they sold. My wife and I are big consumers of Halls - in the movies.
That counter display holds an impressive array of remedies for sore throats and chesty coughs - Halls, Lockets, Throaties (Zubes were probably there too). For the old school there were Fisherman's Friends, Victory Vs and several folksy preparations I'd never heard of. A couple of weeks ago to help me with my persistant cough the chemist went to a special cupboard and brought out a bottle of industrial strength linctus called Covonia Original Bronchial Balsam, which my GP says contains compounds that he's certain have never been clinically tested. I think Herr Aulenspiegel would have had a field day!