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car or cart?

I really need pocketable camera for this kind of shot. Must get GRD/GX100 ASAP ;) This time taken with mobile phone, because my DSLR is resting at home. Can you imagine this? Taking photos with mobile phone ;) It's slow, it's ugly and I really don't like it.


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Taken with a mobile, the result is suprisingly good.
Are the wires in the upper part meant for the old electric bus?
Taken with 2MP sony ericsson. This brand is known for their relative good photos comparing with other brands. But still.. It's good for photo-diary shots or MMS but not for printing or anything larger than 640x480 (after resizing).

Yes, the wires in upper part are trolleybus wires, but not for old buses! These are for new trolleybuses. Not very common kind of municipal transport. But they are fast and pollution free, which is always good in these days ;)
You took the picture while it was raining?
People with their umbrellas and the rain water on the road
and did you wear a raincoat?