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CaptureOne LE 4 Beta

CaptureOne 4 is the successor of CaptureOne LE, CaptureOne 4 Beta is free but i dont like to use beta vrs.!

FREE Capture One RAW workflow with SanDisk Extreme III cards
It's a good campaign/offer ...
"The license also allows you to upgrade to Capture One PRO and to update to the next paid release of Capture One LE for FREE" means you can get CaptureOne 4 for free!!! ;)

PS - My Sandisk/PhaseOne "coded" coupon's are valid until March 27, 2008
the main phase one distributors in Oz said the beta would be of the LE version, with the pro version following on later in the year. This was some time back though at a seminar last year showing off the C1 4 gui. Recently I was told that apparently much of the delay was due to the nikon wifi specs being updated for the new d3 (and d300)
anyway, reading the site there is no mention of LE, also local distributor in Oz mentioned that the upgrade to 4 would be free for the pros too..... so as you say, is it one release for free to almost everyone (with the sandisk offer no-one needs to buy it therefore).
If it is there seems to be a mass of missing preferences, a cut down version of the session workflow system that they did so well in C1Pro 3.x in my opinion, and the notable lack of the colour profile editor. It certainly feels like an LE version, but this may be due to the beta status....