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Book: National Geographic - Digital Black & White

I'm just reading the "Digital Black & White" book from the "National Geographic photography guide" series. Even though the book title says it's about Digital B&W, it doesn't mean it's "ONLY" about B&W photography done with digital cameras. In the book you will learn about scanning and processing film photos, calibrating monitor and printers for B&W, many useful tips about B&W photography as such and also several profiles of some well known B&W photographers. There are of course discussed also the specific aspects of digital B&W photography. And at least, but not least, there are also some nice B&W shots and general tips about selecting the subjects of B&W photography, which is quite different from color photography.

I think this book is a must for any serious B&W shooter (mainly for beginners). GRD/GX100 users who want to start with B&W should really look for this book.