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Book: Dialogue with Photography


New Member
I thought this book was out of print but it turns out you can still get it.
I highly recommend Dialogue with Photography by Paul Hill & Thomas Cooper, it is a collection of interviews with famous photographers done in the 1970's. It was a rare last chance to talk to many of them, when you read the bios you see that several died the same year they were interviewed. (I hope there isn't a connection!!) There are no illustrations except little bio pics, it is all conversation about how they came to be photographers and what motivates them etc. I have read my copy many times over the years. It includes people like Cartier Bresson, Man Ray, Cecil Beaton, Lartigue, Doisneau, Paul Strand, and a lot of other photographers of that era. Also some important people associated with photography like Beaumont Newhall and Helmut Gernsheim. (I would be cautious about some of the listings for the book though, e.g. Amazon claims it has an interview with Ansel Adams, I can only say that my copy certainly does not, in fact he is conspicuous by his absence, the interviewers seemed to gloss over him when their interviewees mentioned him, preferring instead to ask them about Stieglitz, always Stieglitz! Anyhow I found the words of many of the photographers very inspiring and insightful.