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Black blob problem


New Member

Today I got my brandnew GX100, shooting merrily away. Taking pictures at full zoom I quickly noticed a black blob slightly left of the middle of the screen (the horror!):

It becomes especially noticable after some post processing. It shows strongly on the LCD of the camera while taking the picture, but only slightly in play mode. Some tests show that it occurs only in full zoom, and becomes darker and smaller at higher f-settings. I'm attaching two test pictures, shots of a white piece of paper under fluorescent light, contrast enhanced to show the spot. At f/15.8 the spot is small and dark, at f/4.4 it is lighter and shows some variation.

Do I need to send the camera back? Do you recommend exchanging it for a new one at the dealer, or calling Ricoh service? (I'm in France)

Thanks in advance for your help. I was so in love with this camera, but now I'm a little shellshocked.


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Hi blobglob and welcome here! I'm afraid, Colman is right (unless there is something on lens). Try shot several pics of wall, each one with different F number. If the black spot is something on CCD, it should be more pronounced with higher F number.
i'm sorry... that sucks.

Looks like you tested for dust on the sensor perfectly and there it is. Hopefully you scratched your unit or something else is wrong with it so that getting a new unit would be a good thing... then again this is Ricoh and they aren't as reliable AS reliable as other brands... so getting a new unit is always good as it extends the longevity of ur purchase...

I hate sending my cam in to be replaced/repaired so i'm always thinking of this kinda stuff to make it less annoying... I feel ya man.
Thanks everybody for replying. I sent the camera back to the internet shop today, requesting a new one. Keeping my fingers crossed...
I'm a little surprised that others recently reported similar problems on this forum (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=233). Either this camera is seriously dust sensitive (not a happy thought) or Ricoh should get their quality control straightened out.
I've received the new camera today: No blob, everything pristine. In addition, pictures seem less hazy, with slightly more contrast and color under the default settings. In my opinion there was something wrong with the lense apart from just dust on the sensor. The zoom/lens mechanism now feels less noisy and smoother, but that's of course highly subjective.