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Best casual snapsnot flash setting?


New Member
I've been experimenting with the flash controls, trying to find a nice natural looking fill flash value that will suit most indoor snap-shots at around 50cm distance from the subject. Anyone has any suggestions/tips on this? I think the default flash levels are a little high but I'm pretty much a novice at flash photography... : /
My initial reaction is that the best setting would be "off", but that's not very helpful.

This is a shot I took of my sister-in-law (she was trying to decide what camera to get and looking at the R7 ...)


which is cropped out of this:


You can see the shadowing from the GT-1 on the right. I had the flash compensation set to -2, aperture wide open and was a few feet away: the result isn't *awful* but it's limited by the simple fact that the flash is on the camera and too close to the lens. The flash compensation you need varies from situation to situation: I just checked at 28mm and -2 wasn't enough to expose one of the dogs properly at 2ft or so, but -1 was about right. The default is almost always wrong - plan a few test exposures first if you can, otherwise dial it down aggressively and hope you can fix it in PP.
I find dialling in a -1 on flash compensation usually does it for me. The results seem more consistant.
This is maybe a stupid answere since I don't know what I'm doing BUT I was messing around yesterday looking for the same thing as you and got the best results from choosing "slow/flash synchro" (wich I don't know what it means... :roll: ) and then set the compensation at -1.
Slow/flash synchro, means the camera is using the natural light in the scene for the exposure, then firing the flash at the end of the exposure ( I think!)
The problem you can get is camera shake if the speed is too low. I find it best to use a tripod if you have one available, in this setting.